Questions submitted to CLHSD regarding RFP for services for a low intensity, up to 20-bed licensed, residential treatment facility for women and dependent children, including TANF eligible families.

Question: Are there specifications and/or documents associated with this project?

A: If an interested party is able to show that they can provide the services outlined in the letter (listed below), they should submit the Letter of Interest via email or mail. CLHSD will review the letters of interest and provide additional paperwork for the Request for Proposal. 

The Letter of Interest must include a brief explanation of the agency’s experience in providing this level of care and must be received on or before 5:00pm CST on October 31, 2019. Interested parties must respond timely to the solicitation deadline and clearly show that they can:

  • secure a licensable facility for said services;
  • provide said services that are reimbursable by Medicaid, TANF (for room, board, and treatment), or other third party payors, with CLHSD as the payment of last resort for extended stays and for those who are indigent;
  • said treatment services will be provided by certified, licensed professionals with experience in such treatment;
  • accept pregnant women into said treatment beds. 

Question: What agency will be responsible for licensing the facility?

A: The Contracting Agency will be responsible for licensing the facility through the Louisiana Department of Health, Health Standards Section. Refer to the Behavioral Health Service (BHS) Provider Licensure section found at http://ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/directory/detail/7950/catid/154 for more information.