Misty Dezendorf

CHP Admin administrative staff

Ms. Dezendorf serves as the Deputy Director of Intellectual Disabilities services and is responsible for overseeing the provision of those services. She has 20 years of experience working with this population. Her career began at Pinecrest Supports and Services Center, where she completed psychological evaluations, conducted functional assessments, developed behavioral intervention plans, trained staff, and supervised Behavior Shaping Specialists. This work was continued with the Central Louisiana Community Support Team, where she led a team of professionals whose focus was to provide in-home behavioral supports to help people remain successful in a community setting. From there, Mrs. Dezendorf worked with the state’s Programmatic Unit, where she supervised individuals in the northern half of the state, and worked with local Intermediate Care Facilities to enhance policies and procedures and ensure person-centered treatment of their consumers. Mrs. Dezendorf received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern State University, where she later taught psychology and behavioral statistics classes. Among her professional accomplishments, she has also been published in the Journal of Instructional Psychology.