Kitty Wynn

CHP Admin administrative staff

Ms. Wynn serves as Director of Prevention Services at CLHSD. She previously served ten years as a Regional Prevention Coordinator and Coalition Liaison and Technical Assistant to the eight Parish Coalitions that CLHSD is part of, she has also served the community with Drug Prevention Outreach and Educational Services. Ms. Wynn is licensed through the Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority and achieved her license in 2013. She has also served the district in the Addictive Disorders Clinic as a Counselor in Training wherein she performed assessment and referral for those seeking addiction treatment. Ms. Wynn previously served as a Paralegal and has more than 20 years in the field of accounting. Her passions lie in the service of her community through volunteerism for the underserved. In her spare time she enjoys, cooking, travel, golfing and reading.